WhySo Sundays - Farmers Market Edition

Join us for a sensational Sunday like no other at the WhySoSundays Farmers Market.

We're on a mission to support and empower local small businesses, and we do it in

true WhySo fashion - stylish, vibrant, and full of lifestyle zest. Our market isn't just

your typical weekend outing; it's a dynamic showcase of diversity, innovation, and

community spirit.

What's in Store?

-Culinary Odyssey: Explore a world of flavors with cuisines from all corners of the

globe. From brunch delights to exotic snacks, succulent meats, and mouthwatering

desserts, our market is a paradise for foodies. Savor every bite and discover new

culinary horizons.

-Local Talents, Global Vibes: We bring you the best of local talent, alongside

international performers. Get ready for mesmerizing entertainment that will keep

you grooving to the beat and leave you in awe.

WhySoSundays Farmers Market is where culture, creativity, and community blend

seamlessly. Come and experience the heart and soul of local entrepreneurship and

global gastronomy, all while enjoying our signature WhySo style. Don't miss this

extraordinary Sunday - it's an event that will leave you craving for more, the

'Whyso Way!"